Our Story

We are Kaaredination, an engineering company that makes 3d drawings of machinery that customers in the machinery industry produces. Other than making 3d drawings, Kaaredination designs and produces their own products mainly to the food industry. Kaaredination is always in search of development and therefore Kaaredination’s CEO and owner Kaare Knudsen, has traveled to India multiple times. The goal of the travels, has as mentioned, always been to seek development both in Denmark, but also in India. Kaaredination’s competences stretches from software-programming, to design- and production of machinery. Kaaredination is found by mechanical engineer and agricultural mechanic Kaare Knudsen in 2010. To make the 3d drawings, the company use i.a. the cad software Inventor made by Autodesk. Kaaredination has it’s own 400 sqauremetres workshop, that makes the company able to construct and tests own designs. The general work with 3d drawing, takes place in Kaaredination’s office in Humble, Langeland, Denmark or at the customers own office.


Kaaredination has three main goals, that we strive to fulfill:
  • Kaaredination strive to purely deliver quality
  • Kaaredination really cares about delivering a quality experience to the customer
  • Kaaredination has a great passion for the work, which clearly transfers to the quality of the company’s services