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India travels

Kaaredination has had multiple business travels to India over the past years click below to get the story

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    Kaaredinations have some very good prototyping facilities, press here to learn more
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    Kaaredination's main services is to make Inventor drawings of machinery, press here to check it out
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    RotaImpact is Kaaredination's main project, press here to see what it's about
Kaaredination mostly works with the food industry. All danish companies working with and within the food industry is controlled by the danish ministry of environment and food. The ministry revises a report based on the level of food safety of the company. These reports are publicly available. We can proudly show our report here on the site, because our report had no reprimands (the report is only revised in danish). To quickly summerize the result in english: Every controlled areas was as it should be. To acces the site where our reports are uploaded, use this link: http://www.findsmiley.dk/795989